Exhaust required for P 220 dtsi

 Hi, I have sent a mail to you regardin Exhaust for P220.  I am inquiring for a Free Flow Exhaust for my Bajaj Pulsar 220 (Carb version).  Please let me know if you can make me a full exhaust that will not only bump up the power, but will also be maintenance free. The only reason I want a FFE, is because I like the way my bike redlines effortlessly. I do not want to sacrifice on the rev friendly nature of the FFE"s. Please reply back to my mail.

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We already make KRP Exhaust Charger for Pulsar 220 , its Stainless Steel  Full System .

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Hi guys,

Have been knowing you since decades.

I just wanna know if you can build (customize) out of any design we make. Also, would like to know whether you use FRP or sheet metal for moulding.



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