The progress of the murder and burning incident of Mr. Taeng Thai Pha Saeng, his nickname, in the middle of the night on January 15, can be remembered, on the bypass road of Lopburi, Naha, the last time I caught another one. Whether or not the traffic jams are stuck in the car, but after checking the body, it was shot first and then like burning and camouflage was killing and burned after the police led him. In the beginning ofล็อตเตอรี่/Lotto-Thailand the goat, went to make a plan to confess yesterday because the rice losing. He claimed that he was the driver of the car to cause the incident, not related to any cruel killing events. Last night, police at the Lop Buri Police Station were coordinated by the Police Region 2 to arrest Mr. Kap, or his nickname was Mlek M, and this man was wearing a gray shirt, sitting with his back in his 20s to arrest. Got around the seam of the border in Sa Kaeo Province, so he took over later and brought him to make a confession plan, starting from the Krua Bypass restaurant in Kokko Subdistrict area. Burning Mr. Taeng Thai, Tha Wung Luan, Mr. Suwit Kerdkaew, because he himself did not know the deceased, had not been in this Kuan gang before, just that he was I know and come to drink too.

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