Pulsar 220F can be Enhanced to beat R15 with Racing ecu in a 10 km drag....

 sir i have a Pulsar 220f(2012)carb.

its been 6months and i have done 7000/- kms with it..
i am very passionate about Racing..
i have 3 friends having r15(with power tonics racing ecu),r15 v2(power tonics racing ecu),r15v2(daytona exhaust)...
many times we race somtimes for a long drag sometimes for a shorter one....
yesterday we planned a trip for Yamuna express way (8 lane highway)..
we started with a 6 kms drag...i got my top speed the matter of concern is starting i was in a huge lead...but after 5 kms.....all the 3 r15 started overtaking me...i was really shoked...and i am surprised how it happened............????
pls suggest bike is stock....but still it is having 21bhp..and alot more tourqe than r15 ..then how is it possible..?please help n suggest me is anything wrong with my bike....??i have read in many articles that r15 stands no where with a comparison with pulsar220...but in practicaltiy there is a completely changed statement pls help me sir wating for ur reply..and can anything done to make my bike the fastest...

Post by Himanshu (himanshu-dot-thakur195-at-gmail-dot-com) :: Date 2013-01-29 23:50:53


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You should bring your bike to our works and Mr. Viren will explain all the possible modifications, Your bike has lot of potential to be exploited.

Kaulson Racing


By Kaulsons (kaulson-at-vsnl-dot-net)Date 2013-04-28 15:05:44


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